Events with participants participating rather than attendees attending.

Bring Interaction and Participation To Your Audiences!


With over three hundred meeting technology suppliers, Engaging Events can serve you by acting as a meeting architect.

We’ll advise you on the correct format for your meeting architecture and connect you with the correct technology to match the required outcome. Don’t risk your audiences time. Ensure your meeting runs effectively.

Below are some of our favorite meeting formats and a brief overview.

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meeting architecture NZ, AUS, UAE, UK, US, IRE


For this meeting format we do not use any main screen so the audience are arranged in an arena/circular format and interact via tablets only. Questions are posed via the tablets which force engagement and the results of votes and text commenting can be viewed on a master tablet. Content can also be pushed out to each tablet.

Talent Show

Based around the popular TV shows such as Got Talent and X-Factor, the audience vote on their favorite talent. Fun for the participants and entertaining for the audience – Great meeting architecture!

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The audience choose who presents and what they present on using interactive voting.


Presentations happen every hour in breakout rooms and audience members can move dynamically between them.

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meeting architecture nz, aus, us, uk, uae, ire

Break IN The Room

Multiple presentations happen at one onstage and the audience choose which they listen to using a headset.

Presentation Karaoke

Presenters present on random slides and the audience score their improvisation.

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Pecha Kucha

Presenters deliver 20 slides of 20 seconds each and the audience vote on their performance.


As per the TV show Doha Debates two teams debate a motion. The audience vote initially on the motion and then again at the end of the debate. The comparison is then shown.

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A relevant scene is acted out onstage (or onscreen) and the audience are asked to decide the outcome.

Hardtalk Interview

A head to head interview with a key presenter as per the popular BBC program. The Audience indicated their opinion by way of a moving graph onscreen.

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Confession Chair

Presenters are voted into the chair onstage by the audience and then asked searching humorous questions. The audience vote on the truthfulness of the response and then the presenter must confess.


Take any popular TV gameshow and convert it into a live quiz event with audience engagement: Millionaire, Jepoardy, Weakest Link.

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